Ryoma Takebayashi (竹林 竜馬, Takebayashi Ryōma) is the main protagonist of the series.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In his former appearance, he looks like a muscular man with slightly better then average height, but his current appearance is average with a gentle aura after the modification by the goddess Rurutia.

In the manga and Reboot novel illustrations, he has dark-brown hair and brown eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ryoma is a kind person who cares for others when they need help.

History[edit | edit source]

Ryoma was a lonely man who led a life filled with hardships until he died from an unfortunate accident during his sleep.. In the afterlife, he is greeted by three gods who grew fond of him and send him to another world as a child,where he makes use of his innate knowledge and abilities,combined with the gods' blessings to live a new life filled with challenges and happy meetings.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ryoma was a 39-year-old man from Earth, Japan. He died from blood loss after he sneezed four times and hit his head on the ground. He was reincarnated as an 8 year old boy in another world, in which he could use magic given to him by three major gods; Gyan, Kufo and Rurutia.

Before he reincarnated, he had hobbies like watching anime, playing games, and reading manga and light novels. His life could be described as extremely plain (or in another sense, tragic), He was overloaded with work, and to himself, perhaps without any purpose, as indicated when he wasn't surprised nor saddened after his own death. He had never experienced a romantic relationship. He practiced meditation every day and had been trained in different martial arts from a young age. After he was reincarnated into the fantasy world, he kept all of the skills he accumulated from his previous life on Earth.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Simple List of Monsters
Monster Total# Advanced variant (Y/N)
Regular slime ? No
Acid slime 666 Yes
Poison slime 666 Yes
Sticky slime 907 Yes
Scavenger slime 3033 Yes
Cleaner slime 54 Yes
Deodorant slime 2 Yes (from cleaner slime)
Healer slime 3 Yes
Medicine slime 6 Yes (from poison slime)
Metal slime 200 Yes
Iron slime 200 Yes
Stone slime 1/? Yes
Bloody slime 9 Yes
Fluff slime 1/? Yes
Drunk slime 1 Yes
Weed slime 1/? Yes
Earth slime 2 Yes
Dark slime 1 Yes
Wind slime 1 Yes
Light slime 1 Yes
Rimel Bird 5 No
Nightmare Rimel Bird 1 Yes


Some became Huge/Big slimes (a group of 100+ slimes of the same type combined) and some King slimes (a group of 1000+ slimes of the same type combined).

All slimes are capable of absorbing mana. Some slimes can evolve twice (ex. regular slime > poison slime > medicine slime).

Ryouma takes the monster affinity exam in Ch 139 and finds out that he has an affinity for monsters that flock together (like some birds), or gather in groups (like slimes or horses). The taming condition could also be 'fecundity', which has something to do with the reproductive potential of the monsters. The number of monsters that have high fecundity would be lower than those that 'flock together', so we will probably learn more about his taming conditions after he contracts more monsters.

  • Regular slimes (slimes that haven't evolved) - Ryouma usually has a couple on hand at any point of time for research purposes on slime evolution.
    • A monster that can be found anywhere. It is considered the weakest monster. It is omnivorous and its body has an average diameter of 20 centimeters. Its jelly-like body houses a nucleus, which when destroyed, kills the slime. Upon death, the slime’s body vanishes into nothingness. it is a mysterious creature, to say the least.
    • Skills: Digest Lv 2, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 1
  • Acid slimes x 666
    • An evolution resulting from the need to digest food that is difficult to digest, such as the bones of beasts. This slime variation has a powerful digestive system.
    • Prefers poison and water attribute mana.
    • Skills: Generate Acid Lv 3, Acid Resist Lv 4, Physical Attack Resist Lv 1, Woodworking Lv 1, Jump Lv 3, Absorb Lv 4, Digest Lv 4, Split Lv 2
  • Poison slimes x 666
    • An evolution resulting from the constant consumption of poisonous herbs. A lot of slimes die during the process, but those that survive, evolve to become poison slimes.
    • Prefers poison attribute mana.
    • Skills: Generate Poison Lv 3, Poison Resist Lv 3, Generate Paralyzing Agent Lv 3, Physical Attack Resist Lv 1, Spear Mastery Lv 1, Jump Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Digest Lv 3, Split Lv 3
  • Sticky slimes x 907
    • Physically, the sticky slime is no bigger than a normal slime, but it is able to produce a highly adhesive liquid within its body. It can spit out this liquid or use it to trap other beasts to prey on them.
    • Prefers neutral mana.
    • Skills: Sticky Liquid Lv 5, Sticky String Shot Lv 2, Physical Attack Resist Lv 1, Hardening Lv 3, Jump Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Digest Lv 3, Split Lv 3, Staff Mastery Lv 1
    • Research results:
      • Ryouma frequently uses the sticky slimes as fly/bug traps by sticking them in corners of the room to catch and eat bugs.
      • The sticky liquid produced by these slimes can be applied to cloth in order to waterproof it. Ryouma and the Morgan Company (Serge-san) build a warehouse for the production of the waterproof clothes in order to keep up with demand. The production of these clothes requires humans for setting up the racks, supervising the drying process, and delivering the clothes too and from the warehouse. The sticky slimes, and a few monster tamers employed by Ryouma, are able to apply the liquid by themselves.
      • Ryouma is able to mass produce spools of sticky slime thread, a strong thread typically used for sewing, by buying several spinning wheels and teaching the slimes how to turn the wheel and spool the thread themselves.
      • Used the hardened sticky slime fluid, Ryouma can create a cloth with the same protective capacity as chain mail. It can be worn under regular clothes, is sufficiently comfortable, and is extremely resistant to be cut or pierced by sharp blades; though you will still experience the blunt force impact. It can be cut and sewn together like regular cloth, but the blacksmith has to use special scissors in order to cut it because of how durable the cloth is.
  • ^Scavenger slimes x 3033
    • Ryouma wasn’t happy with the fumes coming out from the toilet and the garbage inside the cave, so when he remembered how some slimes showed interest toward rotting corpses, he caught a new batch of slimes and threw them at the toilet and the garbage. As a result, the slimes evolved into scavenger slimes. These slimes eat garbage and turn them into fertilizer. A special trait of this variation is that they are able to reproduce more rapidly compared to other variants.
    • Prefers earth and darkness attribute mana.
    • Skills: Disease Resist Lv 7, Poison Resist Lv 7, Lead Belly Lv 6, Clean Lv 7, Deodorize Lv 7, Deodorizing Agent Lv 5, Stench Lv 6, Produce Fertilizer Lv 5, Physical Attack Resist Lv 1, Jump Lv 3, Digest Lv 7, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 6, Martial Arts Lv 1
    • Research results:
      • Because these slimes can eat garbage, Ryouma proposes a plan to start a garbage disposal system centered around employing scavenger slimes and a few monster tamers to handle all of the excess garbage produced by the city of Gimuru. (Ch 158)
      • Ryouma proposes selling the fertilizer produced by the scavenger slimes, as it is a very good substitute for magic fertilizers, would be much less expensive to produce, and could be used in producing better crops more quickly. (Ch 158)
      • Ryouma is capable of mass producing Running Mash (mushrooms that being monsterified) by cultivating them using scavenger slime fertilizer. He is currently researching ways to cultivate mushrooms w/o monsterifying them. (Ch 158)
  • ^Cleaner slimes x 54
    • Slimes frequently drink water, but there are some who prefer to drink the water from Ryouma’s bath. Thinking it wouldn’t harm them, Ryouma allowed these slimes to drink as they pleased. In the end, they evolved into cleaner slimes.
    • Capable of eating grime and filth, typically used for cleaning clothes, dishes, dirt, etc.
    • Prefers water and light attribute mana.
    • Skills: Clean Lv 4, Deodorize Lv 8, Deodorizing Liquid Lv 6, Poison Resist Lv 5, Disease Resist Lv 5, Physical Attack Resist Lv 1, Sweeping Lv 1
    • Research results:
      • Ryouma started a laundromat business chain (Bamboo Forest) by using the cleaner slimes to eat the filth/grime/dirt/blood off of clothes, and charging customers a small fee based on the size of bag used (7-pair, 14-pair, 30-pair). Currently has 2 shops, and is preparing to open more (Ch 158).
      • Because they eat just filth, you can stick your hand inside of them without being injured. If you ask them to clean your body, they will remove all the waste attached to the body, including dead skin. They can also prevent pimples from forming by removing the sebum clogging the pores. Using the cleaner slime in this way results in the improvement of the skin, and has beautifying effects.
      • The slime can be used to correct writing errors (typos) on a document. They are capable of cleaning the 'dirty paper' and turning it into 'clean paper'. They can clean the entire sheet of paper, or just focus on a small section by using a tentacle to touch just the area that needs to be cleaned.
      • The deodorizing liquid can be used to remove stench from the air or surfaces that it is rubbed on. It is currently being sold as a product in Ryouma's laundromat.
  • Heal Slimes x 3
    • Spells used: Heal, High Heal
    • Prefers neutral, water and light attribute mana. Attracted to healing spells.
    • Skills: Healing Magic Lv 3, Vitality UP Lv 2, Photosynthesis Lv 3, Absorb Lv 1, Digest Lv 1, Split Lv 2
  • ^^Metal Slimes x 200 (Ch 29)
    • Eats several different kinds of metal.
    • Skills: Physical Attack Resist Lv 2, Harden Lv 2, Digest Lv 3, Split Lv 2, Absorb Lv 3
    • When attacked with certain types of dark magic, these slimes are capable of rusting, which can potentially injure them.
    • Ryouma frequently turns these slimes into armor/weapons/tools. Examples include a katana, throwing axes, handcuffs, choker collars (for restraining bandits).
  • ^Iron Slimes x 200 (Ch 55)
    • Eats only Iron.
    • Prefers earth attribute mana.
    • Skills: Physical Attack Resist Lv 2, Harden Lv 3, Digest Lv 2, Split Lv 2, Absorb Lv 3
    • Unlike metal slimes, the iron slimes are 100% iron, and are extremely resistant to rusting, even when attacked with dark magic.
    • Ryouma frequently turns these slimes into armor/weapons/tools.
  • ^^Bloody Slime x 9 (Ch 57)
    • Absorbs/eats blood.
    • Prefers neutral and water attribute mana.
    • Skills: Bloodsucking Lv 4, Disease Resist Lv 3, Poison Resist Lv 1, Deodorize Lv 3, Act Dead Lv 10, Absorb Lv 4, Digest Lv 2, Split Lv 1
  • ^Earth Slimes x 2 (Ch 60)
    • Spells used: Rock, Break Rock, Create Block
    • Prefers earth attribute mana.
    • Skills: Earth Magic Lv 2, Earth Resist Lv 8, Absorb Earth Magic Lv 1, Jump Lv 1, Digest Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 1
  • ^Dark Slime x 1 (Ch 60)
    • Spells used: Darkness, Dark Ball
    • Prefers darkness attribute mana.
    • Skills: Dark Magic Lv 2, Dark Resist Lv 8, Absorb Dark Magic Lv 1, Jump Lv 1, Digest Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 1
  • ^Medicine Slime x 6 (Ch 72) - Evolves from a Poison slime that consumed medicine.
    • Capable of producing medicine and poison.
    • Preferred mana?
    • Skills: Produce Medicine Lv 5 (+2 after eating Running Mash), Poison Resist Lv 3, Disease Resist Lv 5, Physical Attack Resist Lv 1, Jump Lv 3, Digest Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 3, Spear Mastery Lv 1
    • Products produced: 1)Ointment, 2)Styptic, 3)Antidote, 4)Poison - immediate effect, 5)Poison - delayed effect, 6)Paralyzing Agent - instant effect, 7)Paralyzing Agent - delayed effect, 8)Antibacterial Medicine, 9)Nutrient Solution, 10)Tonic Solution, 11)Medicine Tonic
      • Medicine Tonic - A liquid that reacts with the mana inside a medicine to strengthen the efficacy of the medicine. Should be used in moderation, since some medicines can become poisonous if they are too strong.
  • ^Deodorant Slime x 2 (Ch 90) - Evolves from a Cleaner slime that consumed charcoal.
    • Capable of using several skills that absorb or eliminate odors. Can produce liquids that absorb or eliminate odors, which can be used by people other than the slime itself. Can produce an irritating stench in both gaseous and liquid form, and produce a defensive barrier that suppresses the smell and prevents it from latching on to other things.
    • Eats charcoal and dirt.
    • Preferred mana?
    • Skills: Absorb Odor Lv 8, Extract Odor Component Lv 6, Erase Odor Component Lv 8, Odor Defense Lv 5, Stench Lv 2, Irritating Stench Lv 2, Odor Absorbing Liquid Lv 7, Odor Component Extraction Liquid Lv 5, Odor Component Eraser Liquid Lv 7, Odor Defensive Liquid Lv 4, Liquid Stench Lv 1, Irritating Liquid Stench Lv 1, Disease Resistance Lv 5, Poison Resistance Lv 5, Physical Attack Resistance Lv 1, Clean Lv 4, Sweeping Lv 1, Jump Lv 3, Split Lv 1
      • The Absorb Odor skill absorbs odor from the air.
      • The Extract Odor Component skill absorbs odor from an object that the slime is in contact with.
      • The Erase Odor Component skill literally erases the stench, and the Odor Defense skill suppresses the smell and prevents it from latching onto others.
      • The Stench skill works just like the Scavenger slime’s, wherein it releases a foul odor. The Irritating Stench skill also releases a foul smell, but it’s more irritating. It’s not poisonous, it’s just that the odor released is so strong that it’s able to cause one to tear up, so it’s a skill that needs to be handled with care. The Irritating Stench skill has the potential to become as effective as a tear-gas grenade. The liquid variants of the skills just means that the slime releases the skill in liquid form instead of gas. The liquids are all black and sticky, similar to mud.
      • Unfortunately, using the Deodorant slime’s Odor Component Erasure Liquid like the Cleaner slime's Deodorizing Liquid results in the target object being stained with black. Which it makes it difficult to use as a deodorizing agent for laundry. But the Odor Component Erasure Liquid of the Deodorant Slime has a special trait which allows it to be diluted when placed atop a person’s hand or mix with other liquids. This is a unique trait that the cleaner slime’s deodorizing liquid doesn’t have.
  • ^Wind Slime x 1 (Ch 111)
    • Spells used:
    • Prefers wind attribute mana.
    • Skills: Wind Magic Lv 2, Wind Resist Lv 8, Absorb Wind Magic Lv 1, Jump Lv 1, Digest Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 1
  • ^^Fluff Slime X 1 (Ch 114)
    • The lighten and flight skills allow them to reduce their weight and float on the wind like dandelion fluffs. The fluffy parts also stick like dandelion fluffs. The photosynthesis skill allows them to survive without eating, by just absorbing light and drinking water.
    • Despite their high split rate, there aren't a lot of them in the wild. This is due to a few reasons; the first is that Fluff slimes do spread just like dandelion fluff when splitting, but not all of the fluffs become a Fluff slime. The second reason is that nearby villages may find them annoying and request that they be exterminated.
    • Will eat the fertilizer produced by the scavenger slimes. Other foods?
    • Preferred mana?
    • Skills: Flight Lv 1, Accelerate Growth Lv 5, Lighten Lv 10, Photosynthesis Lv 3, Absorb Lv 1, Split Lv 8
  • ^Drunk Slime x 1 (Ch 117)
    • This slime evolved after drinking a large amount of alcohol. The Produce Alcohol (Ethyl)(Lv 4) ability produces 40% alcohol that is safe for human consumption. The alcohol produced isn't particularly tasty or smelly; its not meant to be drunk by itself. The alcohol needs to soak in something (like Plum brandy or fruits) in order to turn it into a fruit wine.
    • Preferred mana: Darkness, Water, and Wood
    • Skills: Produce Alcohol (Ethyl) Lv 4, Disease Resist Lv 3, Absorb Lv 1, Split Lv 1
    • Divine Protection of Tekun the God of Wine.
  • ^Light Slime x 1 (Ch 120)
    • Spells used:
    • Prefers light attribute mana.
    • Skills: Light Magic Lv 2, Light Resist Lv 8, Absorb Light Magic Lv 1, Jump Lv 1, Digest Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 1
  • ^^Stone Slime x 1 (Ch 139)
    • Eats various types of stones. Its mimic level is so high, that it is indistinguishable from a regular stone unless it moves. When it eats a stone, it can change its color to imitate the stone. It can even replicate the texture.
    • Prefers earth attribute mana.
    • When used, earth magic has an effect on its body. (More later?)
    • Skills: Harden Lv 2, Physical Attack Resist Lv 2, Digest Lv 3, Absorb Lv 3, Split Lv 3, Mimic Lv 10
  • ^^Weed Slime x 1 (Ch 141)
    • Grows weeds from its body. The weed its grows is your everyday weed that can be found anywhere. When this slime is hidden among bushes, it is very hard to find.
    • Its diet consists of weeds. Shows no interest in medicinal or poisonous herbs, but did eat some Kotsubuyarikusa (a type of grain) when offered. Also likes the fertilizer produced by the scavenger slime (because its a plant-type slime?).
    • Prefers earth, wood, and water attribute mana.
    • Skills: Increased Vitality Lv 5, Photosynthesis Lv 5, Accelerate Growth Lv 5, Digest Lv 1, Absorb Lv 1, Split Lv 8, Mimic Lv 9
  • ^Latex Slime (Ch 178)
  • ^Wire Slime (Ch 200)
  • ^Pearl Slime (Ch 200)
  • ^Water Slime (Ch 201)
  • ^Ash Slime (mentioned Ch 211)
  • ^^Mud Slime (27)(Ch211)
  • ^Fiber Slime (mentioned Ch 213)
  • ^Spider Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Crust Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Shell Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Filter Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Sting Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Parasite Slime (Evolution Pending)
  • ^Sand Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Porcelain Slime (Evolution Pending)
  • ^Aquatic Weed Slime (Ch 220)
  • ^Algae Slime (Ch 220)
  • Nightmare Rimel Bird x 1 - Advanced variant (Ch 67) (Name: Eins)
    • Skills: Wind Magic Lv 4, Dark Magic Lv 3, High Speed Flight Lv 7, Long-Distance Flight Lv 6
    • The leader of the flock. Frequently perches on top of Ryouma's head.
  • Rimel Birds x 5 (Ch 67) (Names: Zwei, Drei, Vier, Funf, and Sechs)
    • Skills: Wind Magic Lv 3, High Speed Flight Lv 6, Long-Distance Flight Lv 5
    • Zwei and Drei - Enjoy carrying letters, and love treats.
    • Vier and Funf - The only females of the group. Have a good relationship with Zwei and Drei, respectively.
    • Sechs - The smallest and fastest of the group. Loves to fly, so there are times when it feels like there is a bullet shooting here and there. Has a propensity to go crazy with speed.
  • Genius Chicken x 1 (Ch 186)
  • Clever Chickens x 26 (Ch 186)
  • Goblins x 8 (Ch 227)
^Indicates new species discovered by Ryouma.
^^Indicates new species given to him by someone else or captured from the wild.
All slimes are capable of absorbing mana.
Detailed monster list and information reflects up to Ch 102. All other additions are from skimming ahead (up to Ch 227).
Monster skills as reflected at end of Volume 2.
Slimes mentioned, but Ryouma doesn't own.
  • Meat Slime - A slime that was fed only meat, and evolved into something resembling a moving chunk of meat.
  • Tree Slime - A slime that's nucleus acted as a seed, which eventually sprouted a tree. The tree eventually roots itself to the ground, and the slime becomes incapable of moving anywhere. The tree could potentially be chopped for lumber. Not sure what happens to the slime afterwords.
Possible slime evolutions, based on what they are eating.
Ch 120. Acid slime that likes eating the neutralized chemical from caustic soda (soap making). Acid slime that likes eating the completed soap. Sticky slime that prefers to eat the stems of the dante flower. Regular slime that prefers to eats ash.
Ch 141. Slimes that show a response to other types of stones, such as magic stones, ores, or gems.
Ch 199. Crab slime, Shell slime, Net slime, Charcoal/Sand slime, Poison needle slime, Parasite slime, Ceramic slime, Water plant slime, Seaweed slime.
Potentially a slime for every type of mana Ryouma can use.
Other types of magic:
  • Mud magic - A fusion of earth and water attributes.
  • Metal magic - A fusion of earth and fire attributes.
Other monsters:
  • Running Mash
    • Skills: Generate Spore Lv 6, Scatter Spore Lv 4, High-speed Movement Lv 6
    • A mushroom that was monsterified due to the presence of mana. Ryouma accidently produced 70-80 during his first attempt at growing mushrooms, after using fertilizer produced by the scavenger slime, and watering them using water magic. Apparently they are very rare in the wild and 1 mushroom sells for ~100,000 suits. They have medicinal effects when eaten or used in medicine. Look like whichever mushrooms they were produced from, in addition to having sharp-looking nails and protruded feet.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Ryoma means "dragon" (竜) (ryo) and "horse" (馬) (ma).
  • Ryoma's surname Takebayashi means "bamboo" (竹) (take) and "forest" (林) (hayashi/bayashi).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On Earth, Ryoma had experienced harsh living conditions and endured endless training from his father from a young age.
  • Ryoma states that he has pulled carriages while running lined up with a horse.
  • Ryoma hunted pigeons in the park to survive.
  • Ryoma's father was often violent and beat him up.
  • Ryoma's parents passed away from different deaths:
    • His father died due to smithing.
    • His mother died from overworking.
  • In the novel Ryoma doesn't rely on help from others when he deems it unnecessary and instead does it all himself. Like when he was building the store he worked on it alone for 10days, only relying on Serge to supply the materials to him.
  • The God of Water and Fishing, Sereriputa, Manipulated Ryoma's Soul to find out the truth as to why the Earth God gave Ryoma so many God Trials in his past life. Manipulation of a living soul is something very close to a Taboo for Gods due to the fact that souls that have been "fiddled with" by the gods can never enter the cycle of Reincarnation.
  • The God of Earth treated his life as a Video Game Character and built him with a predisposition for mass murder and intended for him to crack under pressure (provided by God Trials) and go on a mass killing spree. when this did not happen Earth God killed him to reset and try again. (CH 211.3)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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