Ryoma Takebayashi (竹林 竜馬, Takebayashi Ryōma) is the main protagonist of the series.


In his former appearance, he looks like a muscular man with slightly better then average height, but his current appearance is average with a gentle aura after the modification by the goddess Lulutia.

In the manga and Reboot novel illustrations, he has dark-brown hair and brown eyes.


Ryoma is a kind person who cares for others when they need help. As a result, he tends to overreact to his mistakes; when he fixes them, people are surprised as the Earth standards do not exist in the new world.

The only real disappointment he suffered was learning he died in a lame way (not knowing it was Earth God throwing a tantrum that he didn't snap and become a mass murderer like he was programmed to).


Ryoma was a lonely man who led a life filled with hardships until he died from an unfortunate accident during his sleep. In the afterlife, he is greeted by three gods who grew fond of him and send him to another world as a child, where he makes use of his innate knowledge and abilities, combined with the gods' blessings to live a new life filled with challenges and happy meetings.

Ryoma later learns from the Gods and accepts that despite his past life's memories, he has the mentality of a child. Thus he has to go through maturing emotionally all over again.


Ryoma was a 39-year-old man from Earth, Japan. He died from blood loss after he sneezed four times and hit his head on the ground. He was reincarnated as an 8 year old boy in another world, in which he could use magic given to him by three major gods; Gain, Kufo and Lulutia.

Before he reincarnated, he had hobbies like watching anime, playing games, and reading manga and light novels. His life could be described as extremely plain (or in another sense, tragic), He was overloaded with work, and to himself, perhaps without any purpose, as indicated when he wasn't surprised nor saddened after his own death. He had never experienced a romantic relationship. He practiced meditation every day and had been trained in different martial arts from a young age. After he was reincarnated into the fantasy world, he kept all of the skills he accumulated from his previous life on Earth.


Slimes mentioned, but Ryoma doesn't own.
  • Meat Slime - A slime that was fed only meat, and evolved into something resembling a moving chunk of meat.
  • Tree Slime - A slime that's nucleus acted as a seed, which eventually sprouted a tree. The tree eventually roots itself to the ground, and the slime becomes incapable of moving anywhere. The tree could potentially be chopped for lumber. Not sure what happens to the slime afterwords.
Possible slime evolutions, based on what they are eating.
Ch 120. Acid slime that likes eating the neutralized chemical from caustic soda (soap making). Acid slime that likes eating the completed soap. Sticky slime that prefers to eat the stems of the dante flower. Regular slime that prefers to eats ash.
Ch 141. Slimes that show a response to other types of stones, such as magic stones, ores, or gems.
Ch 199. Crab slime, Shell slime, Net slime, Charcoal/Sand slime, Poison needle slime, Parasite slime, Ceramic slime, Water plant slime, Seaweed slime.
Potentially a slime for every type of mana Ryouma can use.
Other types of magic:
  • Mud magic - A fusion of earth and water attributes.
  • Metal magic - A fusion of earth and fire attributes.
Other monsters:
  • Running Mash
    • Skills: Generate Spore Lv 6, Scatter Spore Lv 4, High-speed Movement Lv 6
    • A mushroom that was monsterified due to the presence of mana. Ryouma accidently produced 70-80 during his first attempt at growing mushrooms, after using fertilizer produced by the scavenger slime, and watering them using water magic. Apparently they are very rare in the wild and 1 mushroom sells for ~100,000 suits. They have medicinal effects when eaten or used in medicine. Look like whichever mushrooms they were produced from, in addition to having sharp-looking nails and protruded feet.


  • The name Ryoma means "dragon" (竜) (ryo) and "horse" (馬) (ma).
  • Ryoma's surname Takebayashi means "bamboo" (竹) (take) and "forest" (林) (hayashi/bayashi).


  • On Earth, Ryoma had experienced harsh living conditions and endured endless training from his father from a young age.
  • Ryoma states that he has pulled carriages while running lined up with a horse.
  • Ryoma hunted pigeons in the park to survive.
  • Ryoma's father was often violent and beat him up.
  • Ryoma's parents passed away from different deaths:
    • His father died due to smithing.
    • His mother died from overworking.
  • In the novel Ryoma doesn't rely on help from others when he deems it unnecessary and instead does it all himself. Like when he was building the store he worked on it alone for 10days, only relying on Serge to supply the materials to him.
  • The God of Water and Fishing, Sereriputa, Manipulated Ryoma's Soul to find out the truth as to why the Earth God gave Ryoma so many God Trials in his past life. Manipulation of a living soul is something very close to a Taboo for Gods due to the fact that souls that have been "fiddled with" by the gods can never enter the cycle of Reincarnation.
  • The God of Earth treated his life as a Video Game Character and built him with a predisposition for mass murder and intended for him to crack under pressure (provided by God Trials) and go on a mass killing spree. when this did not happen Earth God killed him to reset and try again. (CH 211.3)


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