A versatile monster created by God Gayn with the ability to adapt easily to the environment and the power to reproduce so it ended up having infinite possibilities for evolution.

They can evolve in almost infinite variations based on the environment and feeding, but they evolve faster if the conditions are along with their individual preferences.

When a 100 slimes of the same kind fused its name became Big Slime, at 500, a Huge Slime, and at 1000 it became a King Slime, the process is reversible and the fused slime is more powerful and often presents new skills.

Slime Name Skills Evolution Condition
Acid Slime Corrosive Feeding with hard bones
Cleaner Slime Eat Dirt, Cleaning and Deodorization Feeding with dirtied water
Heal Slime Healing Healed and need aptitude with light magic
Poison Slime Poison Feeding with poisonous things
Scavenger Slime Convert feeding in fertilizer Feeding with waste and trash
Stiky Slime Produce a sticky substance Feeding with green caterpilla

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